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Mixed Media Collage



Ancient Roman image of Venus with baby Cupid cradled in her arm as center image…copper leaf background (copper was a precious metal in Ancient Greece, often attributed to the goddess of love), glittery shells and fresh water pearls along the bottom, ancient columns, pottery and statues and other beautiful textures surrounded by tiny curtains. With tiny red fabric roses hanging from the top. Mixed Media collage by Bonnie Currie of Arcane Memory Designs Copyright 2013

“Artist and Muse”






I’m doing a series of artistic photos of myself where the concept of artist and muse become one. Often these are two separate people however I want to experiment creatively with the idea of self love through photos. This is the beginning of that intention. Enjoy!

Why Beauty Matters


I would part ways to a small degree with some of the philosophical ideas, however, in the end I fully agree with his thesis on the importance of Beauty in the lives of human beings and how the modern era lost touch with it.  I would want to add more about what is sexy, sexual, can be sacred and beautiful as well. Also, I would want to include the love of people of the same sex and other queer folks to be included in the beautiful, not just love of a man and woman. I would also like to attempt to show the importance of earthly things as beautiful. I feel like Plato’s concepts of beauty are too limited in scope. He comes across as using beauty as an escape from reality, the ideal takes you away from this world. Which is all fine and good sometimes, it can be good medicine in times of suffering, however, there is so much beauty in earthy things…I like the painter he discusses that finds beauty in the every day world of things, even in the face of the elderly.  I’m just glad to know there are people out there who still understand how important beauty is to the human condition and want to do what they can to reinvent that idea.

“The human soul needs beauty more than bread.” -D.H.Lawrence

“I Died for Beauty” by Emily Dickinson


I love Emily Dickinson’s poetry and had to share this poem!  She had such a strong connection with nature and a profound love of all things beautiful.  She loved Beauty with such passion that she would die for it, as she expresses in this poem.  She also addresses the philosophical idea of the interconnection between Beauty and Truth.  Keats once said “Truth is Beauty, Beauty is Truth”.  Enjoy the reading.  It is a brilliant masterpiece!  Emily deserves all the immortality she ever gained for the prose she shared with us.



Be Not Afriad


She signals death…she signals destruction…be not afraid…she will only kill the evils to help give rise to the greater strengths of humanity.  She will only destroy what is necessary so that we may create.  She is the force of nature leading the way to greater and greater exponential growth!  Do not try to stop what you have no control over.  She does these things out of love so we can come closer to the awe-inspiring vision of the cosmos we as humans long so deeply to embrace.  She will help us to reach further into space and deeper into ourselves.



How does a person know something to be true?  What does it take to call something a truth?  Does this philosophical question even matter to you?  Are all claims of knowledge as truth a way to create security in the human mind?  Are claims of truth really a form of control?  What does it mean to say something is true?  Are all truths really beliefs?  Do all the things we call truth come down to faith in the end?  Are the truths of science any more valid/ valuable then someones feelings, intuitions or instincts?  Are ‘facts’ more valuable then wisdom?  Does ancestral knowledge have any place in our modern perception of truth? Do claims have to be proven by reason or logic to be true?