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Fort of Protection


This post is dedicated to the image of the Supreme Mother of the Universe.  I have added a chant to listen to while looking at the image so you may have a more full experience of this divine force of the cosmos.  She offers a sense of protection to those who believe in her.  She is a fortress against the evils of the world as well as a warrior who will destroy all those who wish to bring harm to the innocent.  In times of  suffering think of her to offer your mind and heart a sense of relief.


Milk and Honey


I have been hard at work creating a new line of jewelry.  Today I will share one of my new pieces with you.  I especially love this necklace!  It was inspired by the late Marylin Monroe and the goddess archetype of love.  The name of the piece is “Milk and Honey”.  All of the necklaces in this line come with their own stores and symbolism.  I hand cut all of the images used in the pendant and seal everything with an environmentally safe resin.  This pieces is truly stunning and has a beautiful story to go along with it.

“She was the light, and the goddess, and the moon. The space and the dream, the mystery and the danger. But everything else all together too, including Hollywood, and the girl next door that every guy wants to marry.” –photographer Bert Stern

“Why must I always be the aggressor with the men I want? Then as soon as I get them, nothing ever works out. Is this the cross I must bear for fame? To be a love symbol, and not be loved?” –Marilyn Monroe

“She looked like, if you bit her, milk and honey would flow from her.”
Franz Kline

Symbolic Meanings of Necklace:

-Red Roses:  The Lover, Romance and Enduring Passion, respect towards the creative spirit of love.  In Greek myth, it is associated with Aphrodite, goddess of love, often depicted adorned with roses around her head, feet and or neck.

-Hearts: Love, Charity, Joy and Compassion.  The heart symbol evolved from the inverted triangle, symbolic of feminine power.  The inverted triangle is a focal point in the center of the root chakra. The root chakra signifies the taproot of primal power, sexual power. This point ignites the spark that surges heat up the rest of the chakra spine.

Gold:  symbolic of the transmutation of the soul.

Marilyn Monroe, the myth, is a shinning personification of the love goddess; sensual, natural, lovely, beautiful, passionate and willing to bear the cross of iconic fame despite the lack of sacred feeling projected towards the archetype she embodied.  She inspired many and catalyzed a lot of passion as well as perverse feelings in those around her.  She serves as reminder of the great need we have for such an image in our lives, as well as our inability to truly show her the love she deserves.

Norma Jean, the woman, was unique, creative, and spilling over with feminine power.  Despite her difficult childhood she had a wonderful sense of humor and an incredible passion for life.  She accepted her role as an icon, and in turn the fantasy it created for some, while wishing in her heart people would see more than the myth.  She gave us the goddess we longed for, yet the crowd was not ready to treat her with sacred care.  In turn, the woman behind the veil may never have received the respect she deserved.  This piece is a dedication to the goddess of love and beauty, to romance, to passion, to the woman behind the veil.  Hopefully, one day our hearts will be ready for her again.

This pendant will serve as reminder to treasure the goddess of love in our self and others.

More creations from my heart, hands and mind



I call this piece “Sacred Milagro”

Milagros (also known as an ex-voto or dijes) are religious folk charms that are traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offerings in Mexico, the southern United States, other areas of Latin America, and parts of the Iberian peninsula.

As part of a religious ritual or an act of devotion, milagros can be offered to a symbol of a saint as a reminder of a petitioner’s particular need, or in gratitude for a prayer answered. They are used to assist in focusing attention towards a specific ailment, based on the type of charm used.

-leg:staying grounded and aware, close to the earth, strength in the legs
-hematite chain the leg hangs from: helps to support strength, good circulation, and grounding
-head:the mind/ brain/ consciousness/ mental awareness and memory
-bead work the head hangs from: first bead above the head is a flower representing the flowering of mental awareness connected to the heart. Above the flower bead is one that looks like an eye. This is the eye of consciousness which aligns the mind with the flow of the cosmos. All the beads that follow are to help provide healthy function to the brain (memory, thoughts, feelings, etc) through staying in touch with the rest of the body and earth.
-arm/hand: source of creative activity, work, trade, intimate touch
-chain the arm hangs from: strength in creativity, good circulation, loving touch
Hematite is also a stone for the mind, so in keeping the rest of the body strong and grounded the mind will be more focused, have stronger memories, and creative thoughts.



I call this piece “Elephant Heaven”

This particular piece is named after a haven for elephants in Thailand. I watched a documentary several years ago about a woman who created a haven for elephants in the mountains of Thailand called Elephant Heaven. I never forgot about it or the struggle of this beautiful animal. This woman became care-taker to abused and traumatized elephants and created a place for them to live in peace. Her care for these animals and what they had suffered really touched me and stayed with me all these years. So, this piece is made as a tribute to her and all those beautiful creatures she is looking after.

Here’s an article I found if you would like to know more about it…


You can find both of this necklaces on my etsy sight along with many other beautiful pieces.  Please stop by my shop and have a look anytime.  arcanememory.etsy.com