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Bosch, Hieronymus – The Garden of Earthly Delights-Triptych


Today I watched a very interesting BBC documentary on a painting that has always fascinated me.  It is beautiful and eerie, yet there is something peaceful and hopeful about it.  A kind of acceptance of the dance of life in humans and nature.  It pleases me to see human beings living so closely with the creatures of nature since it is the habit of the modern world to put them in such great opposition. I understand it is so close it could make someone uncomfortable to even look at it.  It seems unorderly and uncivilized.  I see there is something of the sensual pushed to its extreme in this painting, a kind of decadence run wild, while there is a kind of child-like innocence to it all.  All of the people in it are adults, there are no children yet all these adults seem so child-like to me.  It may have an element of something creepy in the garden but the creepiness is defused by the playfulness of it. What a happy thought, adults finding themselves in touch with nature and their child-like playfulness is this garden of delights.   There is a balance to the middle painting despite its chaotic nature.  I would even venture to say it is a chaos filled with intelligent design.    The people in the middle all seem to be throbbing together in a dance of celebration, of life…a desire for excess perhaps, a desire to party and be party animals…so much so that it is hard to tell who is the animal and who is the human but all the same their desire for this joy, this bliss, this ecstasy is a renewal of their child-like sensual power…it is a desire for something to free itself.  A desire for all they have been told is ugly and wrong about them to feel calm and at ease.  When I look at the middle scene of this painting there is something cathartic and healing about it.  In some way  the painting seems to give one permission to live…to know their desire for that renewal is innocent but to also realize you are no longer a child playing, you are an adult so when you set your shadow free again it may be a little creepy, it may be a bit unacceptable, it may even have a little element of something sinister but the intention is innocent, the desire for sensual freedom at heart is innocent.  These are my thoughts for the moment on the Garden of Earthly Delights.  Though I know it is a painting I could look at time and time again and see so much more in what it is telling us. If you would like to hear more amazing thoughts on this painting check out the video I am posting from the BBC, it is very insightful!  Then feel free to share your own thoughts about it.  Like the scholar on the video tells us we really know so little about what Bosch himself was thinking while he painted it so in that lack of knowing there is a freedom for our imaginations, feelings and reason to play with the images.  I would love to know where it takes you.




Sublime Divinity


Sublime Divinity                                                                    
awe inspiring
horrorfying, yet
compelling and destructive

the pleasure of relief
dark uncertainty
intense pleasure
blissful excitement

loss of form
vast and terrible

Beyond all beauty
mingled with despair
noble ruin
found in excess.

By: Bonnie Currie

Fort of Protection


This post is dedicated to the image of the Supreme Mother of the Universe.  I have added a chant to listen to while looking at the image so you may have a more full experience of this divine force of the cosmos.  She offers a sense of protection to those who believe in her.  She is a fortress against the evils of the world as well as a warrior who will destroy all those who wish to bring harm to the innocent.  In times of  suffering think of her to offer your mind and heart a sense of relief.


Milk and Honey


I have been hard at work creating a new line of jewelry.  Today I will share one of my new pieces with you.  I especially love this necklace!  It was inspired by the late Marylin Monroe and the goddess archetype of love.  The name of the piece is “Milk and Honey”.  All of the necklaces in this line come with their own stores and symbolism.  I hand cut all of the images used in the pendant and seal everything with an environmentally safe resin.  This pieces is truly stunning and has a beautiful story to go along with it.

“She was the light, and the goddess, and the moon. The space and the dream, the mystery and the danger. But everything else all together too, including Hollywood, and the girl next door that every guy wants to marry.” –photographer Bert Stern

“Why must I always be the aggressor with the men I want? Then as soon as I get them, nothing ever works out. Is this the cross I must bear for fame? To be a love symbol, and not be loved?” –Marilyn Monroe

“She looked like, if you bit her, milk and honey would flow from her.”
Franz Kline

Symbolic Meanings of Necklace:

-Red Roses:  The Lover, Romance and Enduring Passion, respect towards the creative spirit of love.  In Greek myth, it is associated with Aphrodite, goddess of love, often depicted adorned with roses around her head, feet and or neck.

-Hearts: Love, Charity, Joy and Compassion.  The heart symbol evolved from the inverted triangle, symbolic of feminine power.  The inverted triangle is a focal point in the center of the root chakra. The root chakra signifies the taproot of primal power, sexual power. This point ignites the spark that surges heat up the rest of the chakra spine.

Gold:  symbolic of the transmutation of the soul.

Marilyn Monroe, the myth, is a shinning personification of the love goddess; sensual, natural, lovely, beautiful, passionate and willing to bear the cross of iconic fame despite the lack of sacred feeling projected towards the archetype she embodied.  She inspired many and catalyzed a lot of passion as well as perverse feelings in those around her.  She serves as reminder of the great need we have for such an image in our lives, as well as our inability to truly show her the love she deserves.

Norma Jean, the woman, was unique, creative, and spilling over with feminine power.  Despite her difficult childhood she had a wonderful sense of humor and an incredible passion for life.  She accepted her role as an icon, and in turn the fantasy it created for some, while wishing in her heart people would see more than the myth.  She gave us the goddess we longed for, yet the crowd was not ready to treat her with sacred care.  In turn, the woman behind the veil may never have received the respect she deserved.  This piece is a dedication to the goddess of love and beauty, to romance, to passion, to the woman behind the veil.  Hopefully, one day our hearts will be ready for her again.

This pendant will serve as reminder to treasure the goddess of love in our self and others.

Strangers in Paradise


Strangers in Paradise                                                                                                
Caught between virtue and vice
Sacred  Profane
Strangers intertwine
Walking the edge
Wandering when all the madness
Will come to ahead
Strangers in Paradise
Will they ever realize…
This is their chance to dream,
To sing their fantasies into life
To understand their love is not a crime
Yet they fear what they could be near
A land of silk and honey
A chance to leave behind nightmares and schemes
A chance to make all they have ever wanted a reality
Beautiful Losers
Elegant Waste
Longing for the ache in their chests to be put to rest
Lonely and Lost till freed by Love’s golden arrows
Unable to breathe till their gaze’s see…
Shooting stars and nebulae explode
In the eyes they long to behold
To embrace each other and cry out
Cry out for the chance to know true romance
To glance at a chance to be fancy free
To unite in dreams and fantasies
A union of powerful hearts that beat
Beating, Beating, Beating
Dreaming Beating heart’s desires
Firey desires, glittering dreams
The cellar door of their hearts swing

My lover, companion and friend
Look upon me with the eyes of hot consent
Speak me with desire and love
Tell me all that you want
And I will do the same
Reveal to you what these eyes try to say
To blend, to merge becoming one
Live the moment
A spiritual bodily awakening
Feel free in another’s arms
Feel our bodies hot and holy
Embodied love, energies align
Totally present to our hearts, souls, and minds
Sweet love when I gaze into your eyes the cosmos spins
Mystery unfolds to know all that is untold
To leave behind the veil of separateness
Bringing together the glorious force of masculine and feminine
Love that grows out and in, in and out
From me to you, you to me
Till me and you become we
We We We
It must come to be

The deeper and deeper we go
With our hearts we come to know sanctuary
We come to find romance is alive
It lives and gives the more we open to Love’s poetry
The more we move to the rhythms,
The dance of romance
Let yourself go wild inside me
I will let myself sway like a feather caught in the wind
With the release of our powers
We will grow like two flowers
We will dance and play like a bee on the most choice bud
And you will feel my pollen release like a flood.

By: Bonnie Currie

Birth of Beauty and Love


This is the first of many collages I would like to share on my blog.  This is from one of my art journals.  This particular art journal is dedicated to the exploration of the sacred and profane.  It is also a way to explore my own personal myth connected to cultural myths.  I know it has been a great help to me to connect personal experiences to myths.  It is a way for me to artistically work through the experiences life has given me and the ones I’ve chosen to take part in.

Birth of Beauty and Love