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Mixed Media Collage



Ancient Roman image of Venus with baby Cupid cradled in her arm as center image…copper leaf background (copper was a precious metal in Ancient Greece, often attributed to the goddess of love), glittery shells and fresh water pearls along the bottom, ancient columns, pottery and statues and other beautiful textures surrounded by tiny curtains. With tiny red fabric roses hanging from the top. Mixed Media collage by Bonnie Currie of Arcane Memory Designs Copyright 2013

“Artist and Muse”






I’m doing a series of artistic photos of myself where the concept of artist and muse become one. Often these are two separate people however I want to experiment creatively with the idea of self love through photos. This is the beginning of that intention. Enjoy!

Sacred Creator of Life


Vintage Phono Record Carrying Case, Different Views of Oceanic Collage/ Mix Media work covering the box
I used symbolic/ art imagery mixed with actual ocean images as well as real shells, mother of pearl, fresh water pearls and coral.  Other materials include 24kt gold leaf paint, mirrors and more.  I want the overall effect to express something sacred in the physical world of nature. In a sense it as much an altar to the ocean as it is a box.

I have many more photos of this piece on my facebook design page.  If you would like to see more close ups and details I invite you to head over to my page.  Thanks!  http://www.facebook.com/ArcaneMemoryDesign