Statements of Love and Desire


Valentine’s Day this year was full of tenderness, mutual affection and kindness. We made dinner in the relaxed environment of home, talked philosophy, played with our furry children and each other. I gave him a collage Valentine made special for him. I share this to inspire, not to brag. I love ritual and at heart the day is meant to be a celebration of romantic love. Romantic love historically was a radical idea in the 18-19th century. It meant lovers united out of a mutual desire for one another rather than for obligatory reproduction and social status. I hope my friends and family enjoyed love of self or the ones close to them. Perhaps the ritual celebration has lost meaning for some, becoming more of a materialistic obligation, however I find it important to show those who have lost their way what love is really about. I encourage all of you to show the world what it means to create meaning in your life and in love. Love to all of you!




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