Why Beauty Matters


I would part ways to a small degree with some of the philosophical ideas, however, in the end I fully agree with his thesis on the importance of Beauty in the lives of human beings and how the modern era lost touch with it.  I would want to add more about what is sexy, sexual, can be sacred and beautiful as well. Also, I would want to include the love of people of the same sex and other queer folks to be included in the beautiful, not just love of a man and woman. I would also like to attempt to show the importance of earthly things as beautiful. I feel like Plato’s concepts of beauty are too limited in scope. He comes across as using beauty as an escape from reality, the ideal takes you away from this world. Which is all fine and good sometimes, it can be good medicine in times of suffering, however, there is so much beauty in earthy things…I like the painter he discusses that finds beauty in the every day world of things, even in the face of the elderly.  I’m just glad to know there are people out there who still understand how important beauty is to the human condition and want to do what they can to reinvent that idea.

“The human soul needs beauty more than bread.” -D.H.Lawrence

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  1. I agree with what you say. Perhaps we should start with time. The making of time to appreciate what a beautiful world we live in. It’s true we live in want. We usually see what we want, often we see what we fear. But to see truly we need time to calm down. And joy, more to be said about that!

    Thanks for such a honest and straightforward account of what you value. So easy to relate to.

    • Your point about time makes sense. Just the other day I was talking to a friend about the importance of Beauty and she said “Well, it is nice when someone has time to make for Beauty.” I choose to make time for it because my soul desires beauty. I love to make beautiful things and enjoy all the beauty around me. I am of the opinion if people did take more time for that sight then some of the other ways we perceive things harmfully would start to disappear.

      Thank you for adding your thoughts to this subject! It is one with great importance!

      Remember D.H.Lawrence once said “The human soul needs beauty more than bread.”

      If Beauty is soul food then we have to make time for it or we starve.

      • You’re on my wavelength! Misguided souls distinguish between aesthetics and utilitarianism, beauty and usefulness. Beauty IS useful, a necessary nourishment for the soul. Like faith: we need to believe (what, is not so important). Beauty takes many forms – health, co-ordination, adaptation, insight, form…

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