The Biological Advantage


I have to share this video of Jason Silva as well!  This is the first one I watched by him today.  I love the philosophical concept of Awe or in some circles it is known as The Sublime.  Jason has some wonderful thoughts on how the brain, consciousness, is affected by experiences of Awe.  I have to say a lot of it is pretty right on.  Speaking from personal experience those moments which leave you with your mouth gaping open and your heart skips a beat really do change you forever.  I would agree those incredible glimpses of Beauty really do have the ability to create more empathy and compassion in a human being.  As an artist, poet and philosopher I have found Beauty to be something I desire to express with an incredible amount of passion.  Beauty is right up there with Truth and Love.  D.H. Lawrence, once said “The human soul needs Beauty more than bread”.  Indeed, without Beauty we would be no where as a human species.  It is one of the greatest driving forces of human kind, in all of its forms.  Right up there with desire and love.  If you have never read any of Darwin’s ideas on the significance of Beauty connected to survival and evolution I suggest checking them out as well.




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