How does a person know something to be true?  What does it take to call something a truth?  Does this philosophical question even matter to you?  Are all claims of knowledge as truth a way to create security in the human mind?  Are claims of truth really a form of control?  What does it mean to say something is true?  Are all truths really beliefs?  Do all the things we call truth come down to faith in the end?  Are the truths of science any more valid/ valuable then someones feelings, intuitions or instincts?  Are ‘facts’ more valuable then wisdom?  Does ancestral knowledge have any place in our modern perception of truth? Do claims have to be proven by reason or logic to be true?

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  1. What is perceived as truth changes with new discoveries and new ideas, but I believe there is an immutable truth — something beyond human perception, opinion, belief, intuition, science. For example, our perceptions of history change to reflect our current ideologies, and they change as we learn more about the past, but neither of those things change what happened. They only change our perceptions of history.

    And yes, truth matters to me. I’ve spent my life on a quest for truth, but I have not yet found it and probably never will. Truth might be beyond the capacities of our brains to understand.

    • Pat, thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom! Sounds like a really profound truth you knew in life was the bond of love two people can share with one another. I know a lot of how we feel about love relies on faith as well. However, even though there is no logical way to prove we love someone at the end of the day we know it to be true if the love is there.

      Love, for me is an amazing truth!

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