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More creations from my heart, hands and mind



I call this piece “Sacred Milagro”

Milagros (also known as an ex-voto or dijes) are religious folk charms that are traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offerings in Mexico, the southern United States, other areas of Latin America, and parts of the Iberian peninsula.

As part of a religious ritual or an act of devotion, milagros can be offered to a symbol of a saint as a reminder of a petitioner’s particular need, or in gratitude for a prayer answered. They are used to assist in focusing attention towards a specific ailment, based on the type of charm used.

-leg:staying grounded and aware, close to the earth, strength in the legs
-hematite chain the leg hangs from: helps to support strength, good circulation, and grounding
-head:the mind/ brain/ consciousness/ mental awareness and memory
-bead work the head hangs from: first bead above the head is a flower representing the flowering of mental awareness connected to the heart. Above the flower bead is one that looks like an eye. This is the eye of consciousness which aligns the mind with the flow of the cosmos. All the beads that follow are to help provide healthy function to the brain (memory, thoughts, feelings, etc) through staying in touch with the rest of the body and earth.
-arm/hand: source of creative activity, work, trade, intimate touch
-chain the arm hangs from: strength in creativity, good circulation, loving touch
Hematite is also a stone for the mind, so in keeping the rest of the body strong and grounded the mind will be more focused, have stronger memories, and creative thoughts.



I call this piece “Elephant Heaven”

This particular piece is named after a haven for elephants in Thailand. I watched a documentary several years ago about a woman who created a haven for elephants in the mountains of Thailand called Elephant Heaven. I never forgot about it or the struggle of this beautiful animal. This woman became care-taker to abused and traumatized elephants and created a place for them to live in peace. Her care for these animals and what they had suffered really touched me and stayed with me all these years. So, this piece is made as a tribute to her and all those beautiful creatures she is looking after.

Here’s an article I found if you would like to know more about it…


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Strangers in Paradise


Strangers in Paradise                                                                                                
Caught between virtue and vice
Sacred  Profane
Strangers intertwine
Walking the edge
Wandering when all the madness
Will come to ahead
Strangers in Paradise
Will they ever realize…
This is their chance to dream,
To sing their fantasies into life
To understand their love is not a crime
Yet they fear what they could be near
A land of silk and honey
A chance to leave behind nightmares and schemes
A chance to make all they have ever wanted a reality
Beautiful Losers
Elegant Waste
Longing for the ache in their chests to be put to rest
Lonely and Lost till freed by Love’s golden arrows
Unable to breathe till their gaze’s see…
Shooting stars and nebulae explode
In the eyes they long to behold
To embrace each other and cry out
Cry out for the chance to know true romance
To glance at a chance to be fancy free
To unite in dreams and fantasies
A union of powerful hearts that beat
Beating, Beating, Beating
Dreaming Beating heart’s desires
Firey desires, glittering dreams
The cellar door of their hearts swing

My lover, companion and friend
Look upon me with the eyes of hot consent
Speak me with desire and love
Tell me all that you want
And I will do the same
Reveal to you what these eyes try to say
To blend, to merge becoming one
Live the moment
A spiritual bodily awakening
Feel free in another’s arms
Feel our bodies hot and holy
Embodied love, energies align
Totally present to our hearts, souls, and minds
Sweet love when I gaze into your eyes the cosmos spins
Mystery unfolds to know all that is untold
To leave behind the veil of separateness
Bringing together the glorious force of masculine and feminine
Love that grows out and in, in and out
From me to you, you to me
Till me and you become we
We We We
It must come to be

The deeper and deeper we go
With our hearts we come to know sanctuary
We come to find romance is alive
It lives and gives the more we open to Love’s poetry
The more we move to the rhythms,
The dance of romance
Let yourself go wild inside me
I will let myself sway like a feather caught in the wind
With the release of our powers
We will grow like two flowers
We will dance and play like a bee on the most choice bud
And you will feel my pollen release like a flood.

By: Bonnie Currie



How does a person know something to be true?  What does it take to call something a truth?  Does this philosophical question even matter to you?  Are all claims of knowledge as truth a way to create security in the human mind?  Are claims of truth really a form of control?  What does it mean to say something is true?  Are all truths really beliefs?  Do all the things we call truth come down to faith in the end?  Are the truths of science any more valid/ valuable then someones feelings, intuitions or instincts?  Are ‘facts’ more valuable then wisdom?  Does ancestral knowledge have any place in our modern perception of truth? Do claims have to be proven by reason or logic to be true?