When your eyes open…and look upon me…
I bathe in their incandescence
Within you is something so ingenious
So mysterious
You explore questions with great curiosity, openness and intelligence
I ask you, “Where does all life come from?”
You reach deep down inside to the depths of your own philosophical truth
Spilling your inner awareness to alight upon me
So I may assimilate itself to my truth
Bringing together a much fuller picture of the answer

I find myself trying to reach within your depths
To explore the darkness and light of your evolving soul
Within you I find something mystic
At times when I look in your eyes I see an overcast to their brilliance
Your spirit is cryptic…arcane
With an earthy, sensuality
I can feel the carnality within…it calls to me
Your darkness connects to mine, along with your light
Pleasure becoming interconnected with pain
Together we break the limitations of our beings
Helping one another to build up strength.

By: Bonnie Currie

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