Liberating Love


Fire Desire
Create a passion so deep to unlock
The majesty of liquid ecstasy
From an overplayed reality
Reunion of dreams
Fulfillment of longings
Unhinged minds align with Blissful Passion
Unlocking a sliver glittering machine
A heart’s quickening beat
Inside and Out
Moving heat
As gazes connect mirrors reflect
Revealing the depth of soul
The stirring of hearts
Kisses exchanged with parting lips
Spirits move with the sharing of breath
Inner landscapes become outer worlds
In this moment there is no disavow
Beauty is allowed…to consume
This form becomes alive in both hunter and fox
As they lay together amidst soft pillows
Wrapping the hunter in fur, warming body
Pulling the fox closer firing a cold heart
They find themselves in a trance dance
A ritual where doors open and veils lift
Where innocence is at once shed and renewed
Where shadows play and light shines
All seeming contradictions merge and align
Each finds a paradise lost
No longer strangers in a trap of suffering games
Companionship offers them freedom to play.

By: Bonnie Currie

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