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Birth of Beauty and Love


This is the first of many collages I would like to share on my blog.  This is from one of my art journals.  This particular art journal is dedicated to the exploration of the sacred and profane.  It is also a way to explore my own personal myth connected to cultural myths.  I know it has been a great help to me to connect personal experiences to myths.  It is a way for me to artistically work through the experiences life has given me and the ones I’ve chosen to take part in.

Birth of Beauty and Love

Sacred Beauty


How do I put into words what you mean to me?                                                                     
How does one tell of emotions better understood
Through the caress of bodies in motion
Passion fired by mutual desire
Passion unbounded, with the ability to fly high or dig deep
Yet I will attempt to share these romantic sentiments
To do justice to our love and feed you every compliment
You my dear so richly deserve

You, my love, connect to the depths of my soul
Reaching in you come to know
Blues baby your voice unhinges the logic of my mind
It has the power to free this heart of mine
You challenge while empowering me
Arousing excitement
Take me down, take me underground
Then lift me to the heights of beauty unparalleled
Show me all the light of your expanding, wondering soul
The darkness of your uninhibited desire
I want it lover, I need you to help me discover
The sensuality that lies beneath these veils and masks
Adventuring within forbidden territories banded by parental authorities
Walk the edge of the present moment with me

Your perception becoming fully aware you will perceive its arrival
Thriving on what is to be and bending it slightly to fit your fancy
Yet this slight of hand is not a scheme
Only a magical manipulation to give form to your dreams
The waters of our birth go deep
Giving the appearance of unfathomable darkness
Similar to the deeper regions of the ocean
One may find elements that glitter and alight to the point of luminescence

The rhythm of your soul informs one of regions unknown
Rhythms expressed through captivating movements
That entice the heart and tempt the mind
The alchemy you create is a wonder
It spells danger to the uncourageous and weak
Those who have lost their love and lust for life
To those who truly live it is a blessing to be enchanted by you
In every moment you spin
To be caught in the delicate, yet strong web you weave is a journey of bliss and ecstasy
This web of abandonment where one may be whisked away to a land of timeless existence

Oh my love, may I gaze upon your beauty divine
Absorbing the very essence of it
Lingering on each delicate curve
Allowing myself to become vulnerable to the seduction your form signals
Falling prey to your whim
Sacred beauty there is a danger in this allowance because it defies all logic and signals death
Yet it infuses life with such rich meaning I find myself throwing caution to the wind
Weave me into your web, practice your magic and heal this wounded healer
I will gladly climb your ladder to fire
Seeking to know all that is within you and all that is about you

Turn your cheek to me, unveiling the truth held within the depths of your soul
Arouse me with your brilliance and together, in this moment of transformation
We shall reclaim the glory of love and passion
Let this moment be witnessed in all its resplendence
Enlightening all who see, thus engaging every human faculty
To know…unlocking the gates to all shades of sensation
In the presence of this mysterious love there is an unshackling of chains
The walls of indoctrination fall and reason dies
In this moment the established order is reversed
And even though your eyes are telling of such disorder
They also express promise of a loyal and trustworthy source
Between us there is not only an exploration of body and soul
There is a passionate union of intellectual intercourse

Even in disagreement our minds become illuminated
The crystal becomes clearer and the edges of each crack sharper
Between accord and discord we dance, creating sparks and resonances
Supporting the process of our transformation
It is a world electrified by lumonisty
There is a blending of the sacred and profane
A harmony is struck between the seams
Though the landscape of this love is inward, the visceral reality is never diminished
Carefully attending the finest points of carnality, the sensitivity of emotional life
You convey an intelligent understanding of the inner depths of mystical experience
You are clever, like a fox
Yet in the same moment able to express a youthful innocence
Startling to all struck by its rapture

Your touch is electric, within each fingertip is enough power to melt the most rock solid body
And though this gives one the feeling of floating, it also has an undeniable earthiness
Charmed and happily so to be loosened by your power
Undressed as both object and subject you know my nudity and gaze upon it
Surrendering to your gaze, as you have to mine
Your knowledge is evident, while still conveying a certain purity
Sing your siren call of transformation, all will listen and be captured
Drunk they will swim with joy in your haunting melodies
We will feed them on the sweetness of blue flowers
Leaving the impression of something delicious and supple
While receiving all we have envisioned in dreams
Do not lose sight, even in your suffering
For these experiences will only augment the duende of your song
You will rise up singing and spread your wings
More beautiful and powerful than before
Those who have faltered will repent
Those who have always respected will be captivated with awe
Holy, sacred beauty you will invite all to dance and sing
Beyond imagined boundaries once considered reality.

By: Bonnie Currie



When your eyes open…and look upon me…
I bathe in their incandescence
Within you is something so ingenious
So mysterious
You explore questions with great curiosity, openness and intelligence
I ask you, “Where does all life come from?”
You reach deep down inside to the depths of your own philosophical truth
Spilling your inner awareness to alight upon me
So I may assimilate itself to my truth
Bringing together a much fuller picture of the answer

I find myself trying to reach within your depths
To explore the darkness and light of your evolving soul
Within you I find something mystic
At times when I look in your eyes I see an overcast to their brilliance
Your spirit is cryptic…arcane
With an earthy, sensuality
I can feel the carnality within…it calls to me
Your darkness connects to mine, along with your light
Pleasure becoming interconnected with pain
Together we break the limitations of our beings
Helping one another to build up strength.

By: Bonnie Currie

Pleasurable Things


kissing        working        being nibbled on
hugging        ice cream    smoke
love        chocolate    bodies
walking        yummy food    silk
sex        gazing        travel
touching    eyes        fireflies
hiking        voices        music
outdoors    exploring    beauty
music         art        creating
writing        friendship    talking
beauty        giving        juicy lips
ecstasy        literature    poetry
smiling        remembering    my body
laughing    dancing        dreaming
singing        eroticism     skipping
dancing        sailing        smiles
flowers        life        joy
sunbeams    reading        children
moonbeams    piercings    sharing

Liberating Love


Fire Desire
Create a passion so deep to unlock
The majesty of liquid ecstasy
From an overplayed reality
Reunion of dreams
Fulfillment of longings
Unhinged minds align with Blissful Passion
Unlocking a sliver glittering machine
A heart’s quickening beat
Inside and Out
Moving heat
As gazes connect mirrors reflect
Revealing the depth of soul
The stirring of hearts
Kisses exchanged with parting lips
Spirits move with the sharing of breath
Inner landscapes become outer worlds
In this moment there is no disavow
Beauty is allowed…to consume
This form becomes alive in both hunter and fox
As they lay together amidst soft pillows
Wrapping the hunter in fur, warming body
Pulling the fox closer firing a cold heart
They find themselves in a trance dance
A ritual where doors open and veils lift
Where innocence is at once shed and renewed
Where shadows play and light shines
All seeming contradictions merge and align
Each finds a paradise lost
No longer strangers in a trap of suffering games
Companionship offers them freedom to play.

By: Bonnie Currie