Social Media


I have to admit from the time I was a teenager into my mid 20s I was totally turned off by social media on the internet.  My first experiences were unfortunately strange people I had never seen asking me creepy questions.  So, for a long time I saw no use in it.  Plus, something about it seems so impersonal.  I like face to face a lot.  However, as time has gone by I have found venues lacking in the creepy vibe and more focused on the sharing of art and culture.  I have come to know how it can open the whole world up to you and you to the world.  Granted it still needs to be balanced with a healthy amount of being in the world away from your computer.

Two sights I’m currently in love with are etsy and pinterest.  I have started my own online shop,, which has been such a wonderful thing for me to begin and I hope to see it grow in the coming year.  I began pinterest in hopes of  sharing my work with others through another from of social media and fell in love.  What an amazing way to share with others and to gather new information and images for yourself.  It really is a lot of fun!  If you have not explored these two sights I highly recommend both.

You can check my pinterest boards and pins out at

I am excited to continue to share my interests and art through all these fun social media tools!

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