My hip and magical companion Bella



Bella and I have been bonded to one another for a year and a half this month.  I knew from the moment we met it was love for the both of us.  I filled out an application to adopt her and never looked back.  I am not quick to have pets because the pet industry disturbs me, however, there are a lot of little friends out there who need a home.  Adopting a companion was the only way it would’ve ever happened for me.  Plus, it had to feel like the right match.  We bonded immediately.  Animal compassion, the adoption agency, had a folder of people who wanted her.  When they saw how in love we were it was a no brainer.

I feel so lucky to have in her in my life!  She is the sweetest!  A truly loving little creature and a hell of a lot of fun!  Always curious, loves to be on the hunt, full of energy while capable of being calm when it is time to relax.  Plus, she is the hippest little lady around!  Always adorning an adorable and stylish vintage hankie!  She has a drawer full of them for all occasions.

I thank my lucky stars for the two of us being drawn to one another.  She came into my life at a time when I could really use a friend like her.

It brings me a lot of happiness to be around her and to see the smiles she is capable of putting on the face of all the other people around her.

She really is a little spirit of compassion and my  familiar spirit, bring much love and magic into my world!

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